Access All Your Important Gmail Files In One Place

Now you can use a single interface to see the files you have attached to Gmail messages, as well as stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Slack.

Dokkio brings together all your files into a single Web or mobile interface, regardless of whether they’re attached to Gmail messages, stored in a cloud file repository like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive, or shared in Slack. You can even connect to multiple accounts (including multiple Gmail accounts), making it easy to reorganize and streamline your shared files. Because your Gmail account remains private, only the files you choose to copy to a cloud storage provider are shared with your team, and email message snippets make it easy to see which messages and senders your attachments are associated with.

Work with files wherever they live

  • Your files stay where they are; Dokkio just provides a better way to access them

  • If the same file has been sent or received multiple times, Dokkio shows you only one attachment but provides all the messages it was associated with

  • Easily copy your files from Gmail to safely store in Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box

  • Search for files based on business context, not just filename and text

  • Dokkio respects the security settings of Gmail and your other cloud file repositories. Only you can see the attachments in your own inbox, and If your files are safe now, they’re safe with us

Add more structure with file categories

  • Need something more rigorous than tags to organize your files? Dokkio lets you sort your files into categories

  • File Categories like “Contract” let you quickly find relevant files

  • You can also set up standard Attributes like “Counterparty” to provide useful, searchable context for each contract

  • Dokkio uses advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to suggest and automatically place files into file categories

Try Dokkio with your Gmail files today.

If you already have a Dokkio account, it’s easily to add one or more Gmail workspaces as a content source.


  1. Login to your Dokkio account

  2. Click your avatar or initials (upper right corner, in the header)

  3. Select “My Content Sources” from the dropdown menu

  4. Click the “+ Cloud Account” button on the page

  5. Click the “Gmail” tile, and follow the directions

Get started with Dokkio!

If you do not yet have a Dokkio account, click the Get Started button below, and we’ll send you a URL to set up your account.

When you get to the second setup screen (“Let’s connect to your files”), click the “Gmail” tile, and follow the directions. It typically takes under two minutes to setup your account and see how Dokkio adds value to Gmail files.

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