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Innovative finance teams transform their business with Dokkio

Integrate all your files to streamline planning, expenses, reporting, and budget management.

Why Dokkio works for Finance Teams

Automatically organize budgets, reports, and financials to stay on top of changes to your latest materials.

Finance teams are already using Dokkio to:

Centralize materials across multiple repositories

Whether your content is stored in Drive or OneDrive, shared via email, or attached to messages in Slack or Teams, Dokkio brings all your content, wherever it lives, into a single interface.


Organize by department, initiative, or project

Dokkio understands how the host of documents you deal with every day relate to different aspects of your business


Zero in on a customer or vendor for a 360 degree view

All your invoices, contracts, correspondence, broken down by how it relates to a customer or vendor


Get your Finance Team organized today

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