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About Dokkio


Dokkio is the product of an experienced team of successful serial entrepreneurs. We’re passionate about helping you and your team work better and smarter by unlocking the content, data and knowledge buried in your “file mass and mess”.


Our founding team has worked together for over a decade, creating innovative cloud content solutions that serve millions of customers. That gave us priceless insight into how humans encode meaning and knowledge in file names, structure, and content. Those heuristics, coupled with modern AI and ML, and applied to popular cloud tools, has now created Dokkio - a unique, next-generation tool to turbocharge content, collaboration, and team performance.

Dokkio’s founding investors & team grew previous startups into multi-billion dollar businesses for Apple, Oracle, SAP, IBM and others. That gave us the financial freedom to iterate and get the Dokkio product right. 


Why not try Dokkio today?  Or book a web demo to see Dokkio in action.


Ready to get some file and folder sanity?

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