About Dokkio


Teams everywhere use cloud file services like Dropbox®, Google Drive®, Box®, and others to share billions of files a day. They store even more files as attachments in their email accounts. Then it’s nearly impossible to find and manage all those files.

Dokkio provides a better way to search your content, give it business context, organize it, and work on it with others – to make content-focused teamwork more effective.


We are a venture-backed company whose key team members have been working on innovative collaboration solutions for nearly a decade, serving millions of customers.

Ready to get some file and folder sanity?

Dokkio syncs with your existing cloud-based file resources (Dropbox, Drive, Slack, etc.) Once you create a new account, just login with those credentials to start organizing your files.

255 S. B Street, Suite 210
San Mateo, CA 94401


Phone: 800.908.4857
Fax: 413.480.9679



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