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Organize, manage, and execute all your team’s projects

Get organized across teams, departments, and repositories to achieve seamless project execution.

Why Dokkio works for Project Management Teams

Tired of wasting time searching across your repositories for the right project-related files? In Dokkio, all your content is automatically tagged to the right project, and new and existing files are organized in real time so your team can focus on delivering results.

Project Management teams are already using Dokkio to:

Integrate materials across multiple repositories

Your design team might share files via Slack, while your marketing team stores their collateral in Google Drive. Dokkio brings all your content, wherever it lives, into a single interface.


Organize your content by project

Dokkio uses AI to automatically relate your new and existing content to relevant projects, so you can keep track of what’s new or changing at a glance.


Give your projects business context

Does a project relate to a particular Product? Department? Office? Dokkio enables you to connect the dots for your entire team.


Get your Project Management Teams organized today

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