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Stay on top of your legal team’s content

Dokkio finds and organizes your legal team’s materials, wherever they are stored or whenever they were created.

Why Dokkio works for Legal Teams

Contracts, briefs, affidavits: in Dokkio, they are all automatically organized and searchable, no matter where they live or when they were made. So everyone on your team has the right content, right away.

Legal teams are already using Dokkio to:

Organize by client, matter, or practice area

Dokkio understands how the host of documents you deal with every day relate to different aspects of your business


Centralize materials across multiple repositories

Whether your content is stored in Drive or OneDrive, shared via email, or attached to messages in Slack or Teams, Dokkio brings all your content, wherever it lives, into a single interface.


Make sure all team members are looking at the right version

Dokkio keeps you up to date with the latest revisions, comments, and updates to your files.


Get your Legal Team organized today

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