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Download Dokkio for Mac, Windows and Dokkio Sidebar for Chrome.

Download Dokkio and connect to your favorite content sources in less than two minutes. Dokkio will show you a better way to work with your files.


Dokkio gives you and your team a safe place to collaborate on all your online files. Dokkio respects the security settings of your current cloud file repositories. If your files are safe now, they’re safe with us.



Integrate all your files into a single interface, wherever they live

Safe and secure

Dokkio doesn’t copy or move your files; they’re still in Dropbox / Box / OneDrive / Drive / Gmail / Slack - where they’ve always been

Categorize your files

Sort your files into meaningful categories


Automatically tag files and folders with important context


Dokkio for Mac


Dokkio for Windows


Ready to get some file and folder sanity?

Dokkio syncs with your existing cloud-based file resources (Dropbox, Drive, Slack, etc.) Once you create a new account, just login with those credentials to start organizing your files.

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