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Stay on top of your team’s marketing assets

Dokkio finds and organizes your marketing materials, wherever they are stored or whenever they were created.

Why Dokkio works for Marketing Teams

Budgets, collateral, deliverables: in Dokkio, they are all automatically organized and searchable, no matter where they live or when they were made. So everyone on your team has the right content, right away.

Marketing teams are already using Dokkio to:

Maximize ROI from exsiting content

Immediately find existing content using Dokkio’s AI-driven image recognition


Make sure all team members are looking at the right version

Dokkio shows your team the latest version of budgets, deliverables, collateral, and more.


Centralize all your marketing materials

Your team might use Google Drive, while your designer shares content via Slack, or a client shares content via Microsoft OneDrive. Dokkio brings all your shared content sources together.


Get your Marketing Team organized today

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