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Dokkio is your personal AI-powered content manager

All your content, in a single place - automatically organized.

Why Dokkio works for Personal Users

Receipts, photos, bills: in Dokkio, they are all automatically organized and searchable, no matter where they live or when they were made. You always have the right content available, right away.

Personal users are already using Dokkio to:

Find stuff, wherever it lives

Whether your content is stored in Drive or OneDrive, shared via email, or attached to messages in Slack or Teams, Dokkio enables you to search across all your content in a single interface.


Manage multiple personas

Many people have multiple online accounts: multiple Gmail addresses, Google Drive accounts, or Dropbox logins. Dokkio organizes all your content – no matter how many online “yous” there are!


Organize by project, family members, and more

Dokkio understands how the host of documents you deal with every day relate to different aspects of your life, from a “Home Improvement Project” to “Paws”, your family pet.


Get yourself organized today!

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