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Dokkio Sidebar

Dokkio Sidebar makes your files and knowledge instantly available inside the online tools you already use.

Productivity tools like Google Docs, Microsoft 365, email, Notion and others are essential for writing, reviewing and collaborating with others - to create project plans, send status reports or evaluate proposals. But each tool is a silo, isolated from other tools, external files and business knowledge. Not any more.

Dokkio Sidebar breaks down those silos. It’s a Chrome extension that brings you the right information at exactly the right time, inside the tools you use every day. If you’re writing or reading an email, Sidebar offers relevant files or contact info to embed or attach. If you’re editing or reviewing a Google Doc, Sidebar lets you easily search for files to link, or look up business data. It’s a highly intelligent, always-available, silent assistant, ready to give you the information or context you need at a moment’s notice.

Sidebar offers both automatic and user-driven techniques for tapping the Dokkio knowledge base as you author, edit, review and collaborate:


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Automatic Intelligence

When you open an email or document, Dokkio instantly analyzes “what is this document about?” and offers relevant context. 


Which people or companies does it name, and who are they? What projects does it name? A floating panel instantly provides the answer. Contact info or the most relevant files are one click away.

Sidebar instantly adapts as you type,
so you’re always seeing the best, most  relevant information to your task.

Tap Institutional Knowledge

Select some text, and Dokkio springs into action, showing relevant knowledge and files, right there by your cursor.


Highlight a person that Dokkio recognizes, and their key information and related files appear. Hover to preview the files, or convert the text into a link.

The same technique works for projects, customers, topics - whatever you’ve told Dokkio is important to you. The Dokkio knowledgebase is at your fingertips, ready to use.

Leverage All Your Files

Select a word or phrase, and Dokkio searches across all your files.


Hover to preview the file to make sure it’s the right one. And when you’ve found it, convert the text into a link or copy it to your clipboard to paste somewhere else.

Your entire file collection - from Drive or email attachments, or Dropbox, Slack or OneDrive - is at your fingertips.


Up-to-Date Content Just One Click Away

While composing an email or editing a Doc, your recent files and revisions are just one click away with Sidebar.  

Look up the revised budget figures, find those updated milestone dates, or review this morning’s letter from a key customer. Those files and more are  available, from inside the Gmail, Google Docs or Notion Editors.  Find the data you need or include a link to the file for your readers to follow.

Tag and Capture New Knowledge

With Sidebar, you can easily add to your shared knowledge base every time you compose, edit or review a new document.


Dokkio analyzes how the document relates to projects, organizations, people and topics that it knows about.  A few clicks in the floating panel, and the document is tagged to add to your Dokkio knowledge base.


Secure and Private

Dokkio Sidebar taps the file contents and knowledge that Dokkio accumulates from your everyday activity. It connects to the file sources that you choose - cloud storage provided by Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Microsoft OneDrive, and communication tools like gmail and Slack. And you can narrow the scope of connected files to just the specific folders that you choose.


Try Dokkio Sidebar Today

Dokkio Sidebar is currently in a closed beta trial while we refine its features and expand the scope of online authoring and collaboration tools that it supports. The current version supports the following editors when used from a Chrome browser:

  • Gmail

  • Google Docs

  • Notion

Ready to get some file and folder sanity?

Dokkio syncs with your existing cloud-based file resources (Dropbox, Drive, Slack, etc.) Once you create a new account, just login with those credentials to start organizing your files.