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Search smarter, auto-tag and organize, without the tab chaos

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Dokkio Sidebar

Find and access online files and knowledge while working inside tools like Google Docs, Gmail, Notion, and web browsing.

Then, whether you’re writing an email, collaborating on a Google Doc or Notion® page, or finding articles or information on the web, Dokkio Sidebar:

  • Automatically deduces "what this doc or page is about"

  • Shows relevant metadata and files

  • Runs a parallel search of your Dokkio content when searching Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive,, and more

  • Conducts a full text search of your Dokkio content when you simply highlight text on the page

  • Creates embeddable links to files or data

  • Clips and bookmarks entire pages or excerpts

  • Automatically tags clipped content

  • Adds to your knowledge base as you work


When you use a browser to search the web or use online apps, Sidebar finds the right content and knowledge from all of your important files, making it instantly available to boost your productivity and effectiveness. And when you find interesting or relevant web content, you can immediately clip it, bookmark it, and add it to your knowledge base.


Plus, Sidebar’s new MultiSearch™ feature notices when you search for files in Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive, GitHub, and HubSpot and runs a parallel search across all your content connected to Dokkio to display files that relate to that search.

Or, when doing a web search in Google, Bing, or Yahoo, Dokkio will surface relevant files, browsed pages, emails, and attachments, and surface them in-line in your search results.

Dokkio taps into your files, wherever they live -  in cloud storage (Dropbox®, Google Drive®, Box®, OneDrive®), cloud communication tools (Slack® & Teams®), in your email (Gmail® & Outlook®), or on your personal computer.

Learn about Dokkio Sidebar

An intuitive, tabbed interface lets you seamlessly navigate to different focus areas around your files.


The About tab allows you to access information about a web page or file you are viewing, tag it, clip it, or screen shot it. If you are surfing the web and want to tag a web page, simply type the tag you’d like to add into Sidebar , which will automatically clip the web page and add it to your Dokkio account.


Easily add a tag directly
to your document 


Preview search results without leaving where you are in the document that you are editing


The Search tab is the place to manually search for files and tags within your content connected to Dokkio, without leaving the page you are currently on. Dokkio Sidebar also automatically supercharges your searches with its MultiSearch feature - for instance: if you run a search in cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or even on, Dokkio runs a parallel search to serve you relevant files related to that search — even if you’re in the wrong place. 


Plus, by typing “Dokkio” into your browser’s URL bar, you will be able to search your Dokkio content just as if you were conducting a web search.


The Recent tab gives a snapshot of the files that have had recent activity across all your connected Dokkio content. It updates in real time, so you can monitor as files are shared with you or edited by collaborators.


Quickly browse files from any of your synced
content sources



The Tags tab allows you to easily navigate to the category or context tags that you have created to organize your files. You can even create new tag labels — for instance, if you’d like to tag files by “Project” or “Department”, you can create that label straight from the Tags tab.


Drill down to find

all the relevant tags

for each section


And the Sources tab is where you can view all the content you have connected to your Dokkio account, and where you can easily connect more!


Easily view the content sources of where your files live

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