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A Unified View of All Your Information

Whether your information is in cloud files or your laptop, in emails, or attachments, or web pages you view, Dokkio brings it all together in a unified view. Instead of wasting time with information silos, you get one place to search, preview, and edit.


Boost Your Productivity with Dokkio Sidebar’s MultiSearch

Stop worrying about whether to look in your email, or in Dropbox or Google Drive, or Slack. Dokkio unifies search, so you can focus on what you seek. With Dokkio Sidebar’s MultiSearch, every Google web search also shows search results for your content.

Always and Automatically Organized

Dokkio automatically organizes your content to match the way you work - by Project, or by Customer, or by Topic - whatever dimensions you need. One click gets you a complete view of a Project, for example, gathered from emails, files and documents. Another  click pivots to a view of a key Customer. If you’re constantly juggling different priorities, Dokkio is for you.

Your Content - Automatically Categorized

Dokkio knows the kinds of documents you typically use, and automatically categorizes new documents as they arrive - whether attached to an email, shared in Slack or uploaded to Dropbox. You can specifically search for a Resume, or Invoice, or Contract, for example, or ask Dokkio to show you all the recent Invoices, saving time.

Keeps You Always Up To Date

New information and updates arrive constantly - as edits to online docs, or new files shared in Microsoft Teams, or email attachments. Dokkio’s information feed keeps you always up to date, no matter how changes arrive. Whether it’s checking the latest on a particular Project, or checking whether an expected document has arrived, Dokkio is on the job.

Transforms the way you work with AI

  • Auto categorization - Instead of “this is a PDF”, Dokkio understands your documents as  Resumes, Proposals, or Status Reports, etc., for filtering and searching.

  • Auto tagging - Dokkio automatically tags your files to associate them with Projects or Customers or Topics that are important to you.

  • Tag suggestions - Dokkio knows how people in your industry tend to organize their content, and suggests useful, relevant tags for you and your team.

  • Image recognition - Dokkio uses image recognition to auto-tag your image files. If you use a tag “car”, for example, your photos and images of cars are automatically tagged.

  • Image captioning - Dokkio uses AI to automatically caption your images for easier searching. Instead of 482947293.jpg, it’s “Children on a beach with an Audi A8”

  • Screenshot text recognition - Stop previewing dozens of screenshots to find the one you want. Dokkio extracts the text, so you can find them based on their contents.

  • Document & page summaries - Dokkio AI summarizes each document or page for you. Blast through web research or reports fast, and focus on what’s important.

  • Related pages - When you view a web page, Dokkio shows you related pages you’ve viewed. No need to search for them; one click takes you there.

Makes Every File or Document Smarter

Dokkio adds value to many different types of files & documents:

  • Text documents: AI-generated summaries; automatic organization by project or customer, tagging, and categorization; full-text search

  • Images & photos: AI-generated captions; AI-generated content tags; search by caption or tag

  • Screen shots: AI-extracted text and search-by-content; automatic tagging

  • Online docs: automatic open and edit within Dokkio, using the appropriate Google or Microsoft 365 editor

  • Shared files: email attachments and files shared in tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams or Google Drive are automatically tagged and searchable like any other file

Dokkio Adapts to You

As you work, Dokkio gets smarter. It identifies companies (like customers or vendors) and  people (like contacts or colleagues) from your content, and offers to add them. It suggests new tags and new ways to organize, based on your industry. Your simple yes/no responses quickly turns Dokkio into an intelligent assistant, adapted to the way you and your team work.

Learn more or install Dokkio Sidebar by visiting our page in the Google Chrome Web Store.

Dokkio Sidebar is a Google Chrome extension that takes the knowledge Dokkio has about your content and delivers it directly to your browser.

  • Turbo charges your search with MultiSearch: Are you searching for a file in Google Drive only to realize that it is stored in Dropbox? Sidebar’s MultiSearch mirrors searches you conduct in Chrome to provide results for your own files, no matter where they are stored.

  • Summarizes any page you visit using Dokkio GPT: Whether browsing a web page or viewing a Google Doc or Sheet, Sidebar’s AI will automatically generate a page summary, so you can skim content, and then dive into the important stuff.

  • Automatically tags, bookmarks & clips: As you browse, Sidebar automatically saves the pages you view, and bookmarks, clips and auto-tags them. That page you looked at yesterday is easy to find again with a simple search.

  • Makes saving and screenshotting web content easier than ever: Sidebar allows you to permanently save an entire webpage, or a screenshot of a specific section, with a single click. The content is auto-tagged so it is automatically organized.

Packaged for the way you work

Dokkio’s knowledge and content is available in all the ways you work:

Web app: the full Dokkio user experience, available anywhere, from your browser

Mobile web app: responsive to work on iPhone or Android browsers

Dokkio for Windows: available right from the toolbar, with access to Windows files

Dokkio for Mac: always available in the toolbar, with access to Mac or iCloud files

Dokkio Sidebar: a Chrome browser plug-in that makes your browser smarter

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