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Integrate all your online files for productive team collaboration.

Dokkio gives you a better way to find, understand, organize, and collaborate on all your online files.




Dokkio brings together all your files into a single Web or mobile interface, regardless of whether they’re shared in Slack, attached to a Gmail message, or stored in a cloud file repository like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or Microsoft OneDrive. You choose which channels and folders to connect to Dokkio and share with your team, and which to keep private. You can even connect to multiple accounts (including multiple Slack accounts), making it easy to reorganize and streamline your shared files.

Dokkio syncs with your cloud storage accounts so you can search across them all at once.



Once your files are connected to Dokkio, you can search for them across all your file repositories, and based on their business context, not just filename and text content. Want to find every contract that you’ve signed with a particular client? With Dokkio, you can filter your search results until you find exactly what you need.



Looking for a quick way to add context to your files and folders? Just add your desired tags, and you and your team will be able to see and share that context. And if you’ve built up a mass of tags, and want to get more organized, you can convert those tags into Categories or Business Contexts later on.


Categorize your files

Need something more rigorous than tags to organize your files? Dokkio helps you sort your files into categories. File Categories like “Contract” let you quickly find relevant files. You can also set up standard Attributes like “Counterparty” to provide useful, searchable context for each contract so that you don’t have to read through it or encode that context in its file name.


Place files and folders in their business context

Your business deals with important things like Projects or Clients that might be related to many files and folders, and also have key characteristics you’d like to remember and share. Dokkio’s Business Contexts let you create a Project with standard Attributes like a “Due Date”, then relate important files and folders to that Project so that you have a 360 view of the relevant content.



Dokkio uses advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to suggest and automatically place files into file categories and business contexts.



Dokkio gives you and your team a safe place to collaborate on all your online files. Dokkio respects the security settings of your current cloud file repositories. If your files are safe now, they’re safe with us. And because our Business Contexts make it easier to share a bundle of relevant files and folders from different repositories, your team can share securely, rather than emailing a mix of file attachments from different sources.

Ready to get some file and folder sanity?

Dokkio syncs with your existing cloud-based file resources (Dropbox, Drive, Slack, etc.) Once you create a new account, just login with those credentials to start organizing your files.

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