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Boost productivity and keep your team focused on the sale

All the materials your team needs to close deals, automatically organized and up-to-date.

Why Dokkio works for Sales Teams

In Dokkio, all your contracts, invoices, sales materials, and more are automatically related to the right client, customer, or lead. And new and existing files are synced and organized in real time  – so your team can focus on closing rather than searching.

Sales teams are already using Dokkio to:

Integrate materials across multiple repositories

Maybe your marketing shares materials via Slack, while your finance department stores invoices and contracts in Box. Dokkio brings all your content, wherever it lives, into a single interface.


Stay up to date on new and existing content

Constantly receiving new emails, attachments, or files shared in messaging tools Slack? Struggling to keep up with changes to documents in Google Drive or Dropbox? Dokkio automatically relates that content to your clients, customers, or leads, so you can see what’s new or changing at a glance.


Save time on repeatable work

Make use of your existing content by quickly finding stored and shared drafts, versions, and documents. Spend less time creating documents from scratch, and more time on closing new business.


Get your Sales Team organized today

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