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Stop wasting time trying to find files and revisions

Dokkio is a better way to find, understand, organize, and work with all your online files. Connect your files and in less than two minutes, see how Dokkio improves your productivity!

Finally, you can work with all your files, wherever they live – at the same time.

Dokkio makes all of your cloud files work.

We provide tools that turn simple storage into productive team collaboration.



Integrate all your files into a single interface, regardless of which repository stores them.



Search all your files based on their business context, not just filename and text content.


Categorize your files

Dokkio helps you sort your files into categories so that it’s easier to work with files based on their type.


Place files and folders in their business context

Get a 360º view of all the content that relates to particular business context, like a Project or Client.



Quickly tag files and folders with important context. You can convert them into Categories or Business Contexts later.



Dokkio respects the security settings of your cloud file repositories. If your files are safe now, they’re safe with us.

Ready to get some file and folder sanity?

Dokkio syncs with your existing cloud-based file resources (Dropbox, Drive, Slack, etc.) Once you create a new account, just login with those credentials to start organizing your files.

Stop using file and folder names to manage your content

We’ve all tried to encode meaning into our file and folder names. At best, it’s a clumsy workaround. At worst, it’s making a bad situation worse. Dokkio gives you the tools to organize and manage your content. You can get started right away with tags, then get organized with Categories and Business Contexts. We’ll even learn from what you do and make smart suggestions so you can focus on working, rather than organizing.


Your files don’t care where they live, why should you?

You and your team might have to store files in many different places. But that doesn’t mean you enjoy searching umpteen different repositories when you’re looking for a particular file. Dokkio integrates Dropbox, Drive, and Box into a single, seamless whole. You can search and collaborate without worrying about how to remember which file went where.


Break free from the tyranny of the folder hierarchy!

File systems only provide one way to organize: The almighty folder hierarchy. But real life is messier. Dokkio lets you relate files and folders to specific business contexts, regardless of where they sit in the hierarchy.  You’ll have an instant 360º view of everything that matters, when you need it, without hunting through endless folders.

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