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Dokkio Sidebar is smarter way to browse, clip and bookmark web content

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Dokkio Sidebar takes web bookmarking and clipping to a whole new level.

When you find a web page that’s important to you, clipping and bookmarking tools can help you find the page again later or capture the content. But those tools have some big drawbacks. They are:

  • Siloed:  Your bookmarks or clipped pages go into a list on your browser, or a separate tool like OneNote or Evernote. They’re isolated from the files you use every day - on your laptop or in Dropbox or Google Drive.  You can’t search or navigate across these isolated silos, so your clips or bookmarks are orphans.

  • Passive:  Bookmarking or clipping tools rely on you to decide whether a page is useful or relevant. They don’t help you figure that out. If the page is long, or complex, it’s easy to waste precious time deciding how useful it may be.  So you either under-capture and miss important content, or overclip, and create a mess.

  • Stupid:  Existing tools don’t understand the web page you’re viewing, and how it relates to topics or people or projects that are important to you.  The bookmarked  URL  may or may not give you clues, but it’s tedious to dissect. If you’re clipping, you can add tags, but that’s extra work, and you don’t have the time.


Dokkio Sidebar is a breakthrough innovation for intelligently capturing content from the web, adding it to your knowledge base, and making it useful to you. Like the browsing or clipping tool you may already use, Sidebar is a Chrome browser extension. But unlike existing tools, Sidebar is:

  • Integrated:  Sidebar unifies web pages and files from email attachments, cloud storage or your laptop into one, integrated content and knowledge base.

  • Active:  When you visit a web page, Sidebar instantly analyzes its contents, and tells you whether it seems relevant for you. That’s a huge time saver.

  • Intelligent:  When you clip and bookmark a page, Sidebar automatically tags it, identifying the relevant topics, projects, people or companies it mentions.


Dokkio Sidebar includes these key capabilities:

  • Intelligent Browsing:  Sidebar instantly analyzes the contents of each web page you visit, and lets you know how it does or doesn’t match topics, companies, people, projects, tags, or other knowledge from your existing files.

  • Full-Text Search of All Your Files:  From within your browser, simply highlight some text on a web page. Sidebar does a full-text search of all your files, and you can easily preview or link to them - all without leaving the browser window.

  • Clipping & Bookmarking:  It’s easy to clip and bookmark - either an entire web page or a selected section. The clip joins other files - from Dropbox or Google Drive, or your laptop - as a unified, searchable content and knowledge base.

  • Automatic Tagging:  Sidebar automatically tags clipped/bookmarked files, which makes integrated search across clips, laptop files, email attachments and files from Dropbox or Google drive even more useful.

Secure and Private

Dokkio Sidebar taps the file contents and knowledge that Dokkio accumulates from your everyday activity. It connects to the file sources that you choose - cloud storage provided by Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Microsoft OneDrive, and communication tools like gmail and Slack. And you can narrow the scope of connected files to just the specific folders that you choose.


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Dokkio Sidebar is expanding the scope of online authoring and collaboration tools that it supports. The current version supports the following editors when used from a Chrome browser:

  • Gmail

  • Google Docs

  • Notion

  • Web Page clipping