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What if you always had access to the right file, right away, wherever it was stored in the cloud?

Now you can. Dokkio is a new product that organizes your files for you, whether they’re stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, OneDrive, or even Gmail.








Instead of wasting time searching different accounts, or keeping the details in your head, let Dokkio handle the boring but important work of keeping track of all your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and photos.


Storing files in the cloud is great.

You can see them from any device.

You can share them with friends and co-workers.

But the more files you store, and the more places you store them, the harder it gets to actually work with them.

You’ve got files stored in many accounts.  Your Google Drive from work. Your personal Drive. Your work email. Your personal email. That Dropbox you share with your siblings so you can all upload the latest photos and videos of the nieces and nephews for Grandma and Grandpa.


When you need a file, you have to search through those accounts one by one, and even then you often can’t find the one you’re looking for.

Was it in Dropbox?  Google Drive?  Bob sent it, right?  Now was that in Slack or an email?


You rack your brain, hoping you can just remember exactly where you put it, only to find someone else moved it to who-knows-where.


Or maybe you search for a file name, and find 17 different versions of it, and you have to decipher a string of characters that includes cryptic messages from everyone who worked on the file, like “v3a1” or “finalfinalfinal”.  How many times did the team email it back and forth?  And which version should you use?

I need this yesterday! 

No worries, Dokkio is free, and it takes less than two minutes to get set up.


ÉTIENNE helps run an alliance of dairy farmers. 

He’s got thousands of files in the cloud, everything from charts and tables to iPhone photos of dairy feed lots.

Have you ever tried to tell different feed lots apart just from looking at photos of them?  It ain’t easy.

He was spending hours per week trying to stay organized.  Meanwhile, his members just kept uploading more charts, more tables, and more photos. Every. Single. Day.

It was way too much for one person to keep up with.

Now he uses Dokkio to do the organizing for him.  As his members upload their files and photos, Dokkio classifies them and organizes them by farm, by date, and everything else that matters to him.

Instead of spending hours manually sorting files, he can spend that time helping those farmers tell their story and make more money.


Dokkio gives you a better way to find, understand, organize, and collaborate on all your online files.

Good luck if you’re looking for the files for a particular project or customer. If you didn’t set up your folder tree just-so when you first began, you might never find what you seek.

Sometimes, it seems easier just to start over. But that just adds more files to that unmanageable pile.

We know how you feel, because we’ve done all of the above.  So we made Dokkio to solve these problems.

Imagine the feeling of having everything in its place.  Imagine knowing that it didn’t matter where a file came from, or where it was stored.  Imagine if you always had access to the right file, at the right time.

It’s always been possible, as long as you had an extra couple of hours each day to keep your files organized, or could afford a superstar assistant to do it for you.

Too bad most of us don’t live in that kind of fantasy world.



KATHRINE is a busy woman.

In addition to her day job, she runs a non-profit organization, and operates a farm with her husband.

And while Kathrine is ultra-organized, her husband is not. 

She carefully names and files their invoices and bills. 

She uploads them as if he were running an Olympic-level scavenger hunt. 

No matter what she’s tried, no matter how often she reminds him, she just can’t get him to stick to the plan. 

Now, rather than letting him drive her crazy, she lets Dokkio fix the problem. 

It doesn’t matter where he uploads a file; Dokkio can figure out where it belongs and make it easy for Kathrine to find it. 

Plus, she can also find her work and non-profit files.

Dokkio is your intelligent virtual file assistant, working with tireless and inhuman speed to keep your files so squared away that Marie Kondo would be jealous.

The longer Dokkio works with you, the better it gets at knowing what you want, when you want it.


It knows that you wear many different hats, and helps you keep track of all of them.

And when your files are organized, your team will be too.

Your team doesn’t work on one file at a time; it works on projects and serves customers.

When you tell Dokkio about those projects, it can figure out which files go with which projects.

When you tell Dokkio about your customers, it can scan every single file and see which relate.


Dokkio gives you and your team a safe place to collaborate on all your online files.

If each team member can instantly see all the files that go with a project or customer, and how recently they’ve been edited, it’s easy to keep them up to date.

And when you need to add a new person to the team, you can instantly share with them all the files they need, rather than having to teach them how to decipher a bird’s nest of folders and Slack channels, and an alphabet soup of cryptic file names.

Without Dokkio, you’d point the new guy to the company Drive, and then answer questions every 15 minutes until you went crazy.  “Yes, the ACME files are in the ‘Work In Process’ folder.  No, it’s not still in process, but Don forgot to move them when he finished them. Again.”  And of course, Drive would only be the beginning; every few days you’d need to add him to another account, or worse, ask IT to do it for you, and the whole process would start over again.

With Dokkio, you simply add a new team member, and when you need him to find the ACME contract, he can just look at a list of all contracts, or see all the files that relate to ACME, or just search for “ACME Contract” and know that even if the filename is temp(1).docx, that the ACME contract will show up.


BRANDY COOPER, founder of Mint Design Agency, had a problem.

She had so many potential clients to serve and projects to complete that keeping track of all the documents, images, and videos was becoming a major pain in the neck, especially as she brought in more designers to scale up the business.


It was a good problem to have, but she still wanted to solve it.


That’s when she found Dokkio.


By helping her organize all the client and project documents across Mint’s cloud accounts, Dokkio gives Brandy and her team quick access to all the files they need, when they need it.


They spend less time filing and searching, and more time designing.


This makes Brandy’s life simpler, and her team and clients happier!

Okay, so how does this work anyway?

At this point, you may be wondering how Dokkio can do so much for people.

We’ve been in the “helping people stay organized” business for over 15 years.

We’ve helped millions of people.  And during that time, we’ve had hundreds of in-depth conversations to understand how they work.

We built that hard-won knowledge into Dokkio, along with the latest in machine learning, so that rather than using expensive human intelligence to keep your files organized, we use fast, cheap artificial intelligence to do a better job than a human could.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Connect Your Cloud Accounts

In just two minutes, you can connect up the cloud accounts where you currently store your files.  Dokkio doesn’t copy or move your files (unless you ask it to).  They remain safe, secure, and in the same place that you left them.

Step 2: Tell Us How To Classify Your Files

Dokkio uses categories to organize your files.  You just have to tell it which categories matter for you.

If it’s contracts, Dokkio will find all the files that might be contracts, and let you decide. Dokkio watches the choices you make, and gets better and better at making those decisions for you.

Step 3: Help Us Organize By Project and Customer

We’ve all got projects to get done, and customers to serve. Dokkio can help. Tell it what projects you’re working on, and which customers matter to you, and Dokkio can comb through all your files and figure out which files are relevant.

Dokkio is for you if…

  • You have a lot (over 1,000) files stored online — including in Slack and Gmail

  • You have your files stored in multiple accounts

  • Your life involves completing projects or serving customers

  • You’re tired of being disorganized, or spending too much time organizing your files

Ok! I'm ready!

Ok! I'm Or if you’d still like to get a demo, click here to schedule one with our team.

But wait, what about…


…Security and Privacy
Dokkio doesn’t move your files (unless you ask us to).  They’re still stored where they were before Dokkio, whether that’s Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, or Slack.  And that means they’re just as secure and private as ever.


…Organizing My Team, Not Just My Files
Dokkio also works with team accounts, so that you can get all the members of your team collaborating more efficiently.  Plus, with more people accepting or rejecting Dokkio’s suggestions for how to organize your files, Dokkio will learn how your team works even faster, allowing it to automatically organize your files for you that much sooner.


…Working With Customers And SuppliersIt’s so hard to share files with customers and suppliers when files are scattered across multiple folders and accounts.  With Dokkio, all the files that relate to a particular customer can be seen on a single screen, making it easy to share with that customer.  Instead of spending hours figuring out the right access settings, Dokkio takes care of the drudge work for you.

Got five more minutes?

Watch our overview video that explains a bit more of the details.

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